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Close to Fire
Research Project


Exegesis of 

PhD Candidate Kisani Upward

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The Guwiinbarraan Exhibition 

What you are about to experience is the stories of the Nucoorilma Community of Tingha, who collectively endured the devastating Black Summer Bushfires.
Nevertheless, this pro-active Community recognised the systematic failures of post-disaster recovery within their region and took it upon themselves to support each other in their recovery, by growing their resilience.
In conjunction with PhD Candidate Kisani Upward, the 'Guwiinbarraan- Close to Fire Project' rose from the ashes.
Their message is this…
                      "Connection to Country is VITAL to our existence…"
This exhibition features a collection of Photographs and Stories from the Nucoorilma Community of Tingha, NSW, accompanied by the artworks created by PhD Candidate Kisani Upward over an intensive period of 3 years of study.



I'm Kisani 


I would like to acknowledge the land on which I live, work and study, my Country, Gomeroi Country. I would like to acknowledge Elders Past and present and recognise the importance of Country within Australian Indigenous concepts of wellbeing and resilience.

My name is Kisani and I am a proud Gamilarraay/Wiradjuri Yinaar from the Gomeroi Nation (Tamworth, NSW). 

WELCOME to my PhD Exegesis! 

PhD Candidate at the University of New England, Registered Nurse, Artist & Aboriginal Health Researcher

The 'Guwiinbarraan' Research Project

In 2019-2020 Australia suffered the worst bushfire season it has ever faced. The impact of Climate Change is becoming more prevalent all around the world and the resulting environmental disasters are becoming more extreme. Across the globe we have seen an increase in Bushfires, tsunami’s, hurricanes, drought, tornados and rising sea levels. Fortunately, we have also seen an greater awareness of the significance of Climate Change and people from every Nation are coming together to create strategies to address these issues.

We have seen an increase in media coverage of these issues, however, there is a significant lack of reporting on the impact these disasters have on regional and remote Communities. Especially Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities.

Now, more than ever, these voices must be amplified on the Worlds stage to create REAL awareness and REAL changes in the way that we view environmental and disaster management plans and strategies. 

According to the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, "Indigenous Peoples are among the first to face the direct consequences of climate change, due to their dependence upon and close relationship with the environment and its resources."

And this is where my project begins.

Ebor Bushfires, NSW (2020) by Kisani Upward
Bushfire Impact at Goonoowigal, Inverell, NSW (2022) by Kisani Upward

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